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Can TeleSign Handle SMS Opt-Outs for me?

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018 02:46PM UTC
TeleSign now has the capability to handle opt-out requests for you.  If you are unable or unwilling to handle this on your own using our Inbound SMS product, you can contact Support or your dedicated account manager to get started with TeleSign’s service. 
Basic Requirements:
  1. Purchase a sender ID (either long code or short code phone number) from TeleSign.
  2. Send the sender ID purchased from TeleSign in each request.  Alternatively, with some exceptions, TeleSign can make the configuration in that way that the purchased sender id is always used on some destination(s).
  3. Configure the sender ID to automatically opt-out end users.  Contact your account rep to set this up on your account.
  4. Conduct your SMS program.
How it works:
  • You send out SMS messages to end users.
  • An end user wants to opt-out, and replies to a message with “STOP”.
  • TeleSign unsubscribes the end user’s phone number from future messages sent with your sender id.
  • If the end user sends “START” to your sender ID, then TeleSign will subscribe them back, and messages will resume again.
Important Notes
  • The following opt-out keywords will apply (case insensitive):
  • The following opt-in keyword will apply (case insensitive):
    • “START”
  • If a request is blocked by TeleSign because an end user opted-out, the following error will be sent out to the customer in async:
    • ​​SMS REST API customers:
      • status 510, "Message blocked by subscriber action or request".
    • SMPP customers:
      • 0x4B6
  • For SMS Verify REST API customers, status 510, "Message blocked by subscriber action or request" will be returned in sync.
  • TeleSign can also configure automated responses going from TeleSign platform in case of opt-in and opt-out requests.
    • For example, if end user sends STOP, TeleSign can automatically send a message “We have opted-out your number from this Sender ID”.
  • If a customer is handling opt-in requests some other way (e.g. web form) there is no automated way for the customer to send those requests to TeleSign and that way change the status of the end user to opted-in.

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