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Turkey - Messaging Regulations

Last Updated: May 27, 2019 02:36PM UTC
General Information:
  • Handset delivery supported
  • Multipart Messages supported
  • Regulatory Authority:
  • All marketing messages must be prefaced with “REKLAM” or “TANITIM” acknowledging end user this is a promotional message
  • SMS should contain opt out option
  • Turkcell – will not deliver message to their subscriber if they are in any other roaming network
  • Content added (BXXX) to all messages by Operators to identify the specific gateway used to deliver the message(s)
Supported Traffic Types:
One Time Passwords (OTP)    YES
Alerts, Reminders, Notifications (ARN)    YES
Marketing (MKT)    YES
Inbound (2Way) Messaging YES
Supported SenderID Types:
Alphanumeric   YES*
Short Code    NO
Local Long Code    YES**
International Long Code     NO

*Branded Alpha SenderID needs to be submitted and pre-registered. Generic Alpha SenderIDs are not allowed.
**Only for Inbound (2Way) Messaging
Documents needed for AlphaSender ID registration (enforced April 2018):
  • Authorization Letter - An up-to-date authorization letter signed&stamped by a duly authorized signatory
  • Proof of Signature - Official proof (like a circular of signature or notary) verifying the signature (that the signature actually belongs to that person)
  • Proof that Signatory is Authorized - Official document verifying the person’s role in the company as someone duly authorized to sign this document
  • *Patent document or a trademark registration document for the product that will be registered as a sender ID. Patent document or a trademark is only required if the Sender ID that will be registered is not directly related to the company name. If it is, then this document will not be needed.

Maximum Message Length:
Encoding Used Single Message Long Message
GSM 160 153 (per message)
Unicode* 70 67 (per message)
ASCII 160 153 (per message)
Latin-1 140 134 (per message)
 *If message sent using Turkish accents, messages should be sent using Unicode format

Forbidden Content Topics:
  • Politics/Electoral
  • Adult or Otherwise Inappropriate Content
  • Violence
  • Gambling
  • Marketing messages are not allowed during religious holidays observance

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