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Canada - Messaging Regulations

Last Updated: May 19, 2019 04:37AM UTC

General Information:

  • Handset delivery receipts supported
  • Encoding supported: GSM, UCS-2, and Latin-1
  • Concatenated (long) messages supported
  • Short Codes (Dedicated) supported
  • Message Length – 160 characters (GSM or Latin 1), 70 characters (USC-2)



Supported SenderID Types:

Alphanumeric                                                      NO          
Short Code YES
Local Long Code YES*
International Long Code NO

*Only for Inbound (2way) Messaging


Short Codes:

Example                                                       123456
Lead Time 8-12 weeks
One Time Passwords (OTP) YES
Alerts, Reminders, Notifications (ARN)*           YES
Marketing (MKT)* YES
Inbound SMS (2-way)* YES
Throughput Limit up to 30 mps
US Reach No must buy US short code
Regulatory Compliance CWTA



* Only for Dedicated Short Codes

Maximum Message Length:

Encoding Used

Single Message

Long Message

GSM, Latin 1, and UCS-2

140 bytes

1,400 bytes


Dedicated Short Codes: Stop Feature Guide 

Download the attachment for TeleSign's STOP Feature Guide. Processing STOP is required for Recurring alerts use cases on Dedicated Phone Numbers.

SMS Compliance Best Practices: United States and Canada

Download the attachment for TeleSign's SMS Compliance Best Practices.
The TeleSign SMS Best Practices provide a high-level overview of industry guidelines in the U.S. and Canada, in addition to summarizing TeleSign’s SMS use case policy and requirements.


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