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China - Messaging Regulations

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2019 08:44AM UTC

General Information:

  • Handset delivery supported
  • Concatenated (long) messages supported
  • Delivery to ported numbers supported

Supported Traffic Types:

One Time Passwords (OTP)    YES
Alerts, Reminders, Notifications (ARN)    YES
Marketing (MKT)    YES


Supported SenderID Types:

Alphanumeric    NO
Short Code    NO
Local Long Code    NO
International Long Code    NO

The only authorized SenderID type to terminate A2P messages in China by law is from a special long code starting with 106, the length of which can range from 12 to 21 digits. The first 12 digits are defined by operators/providers, while the rest of the long code can be specified by the customer.

Content Restrictions:

  • All message templates must be submitted for whitelisting and approval prior to the launch of live traffic. This applies to all message types, including test ones. A failure to do this can result in traffic filtering or even blocking.
  • Each message must contain a preregistered signature in square brackets, which is appended either at the beginning or at the end of message, and this signature is customizable and affects the total character count. Once registered, signatures are added automatically, meaning that customers do not have to do anything on their side. Maximum length of the signature is eight (8) Chinese characters or sixteen (16) Latin characters + [ ]. It is possible to combine Chinese and Latin characters within a signature, but only if Latin characters in that mix represent a brand name.
  • Sending two or more messages with the same content to the same phone number within one day can lead to the filtering or blocking of traffic if a complaint is filed by the recipient.
  • Maximum 100 messages (with a different content) can be sent to the same phone number in a day.
  • Arabic characters are not supported.

Maximum Message Length:

Encoding Used Single Message Long Message
UCS-2 (for Chinese characters) 60 57 (per message)
ASCII (Latin alphabet + special characters) 120 114 (per message)

Forbidden Content Topics:

  • Politics 
  • Social Security
  • National Secrets
  • Adult or Otherwise Inappropriate Content
  • Panic Spreading
  • Gambling

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